A short note on electricity price comparison

Electricity prices as previously stated vary depending on where you live. However, they also depend on what type of energy supply you have. For example some may have Economy 7 meters which charge different prices during the day and at night. In addition the way you pay for your gas and electricity bill also makes a difference on how much your energy supplier will charge you. Anyone can switch their energy, there are choices available. If you use energy comparison sites you can do an energy comparison of all the different gas and electricity suppliers along with their tariffs. Such sites enable you to compare all of the tariffs, quickly, easily and for free. You can see the results in terms of the prices and customer service ratings; hence you can choose whether you want a mixture of low electricity prices and/ or gas prices and customer service ratings. If you do decide to switch energy supplier there will be no changes to your property or how your gas and electricity gets to you. The only thing that changes is the amount you pay and the supplier. Each energy supplier offers a range of tariffs and consumers have a choice to pay by cash/ cheque, prepayment, direct debit and online billing. The energy supplier’s work together to make sure that the switch is smooth and hassle free.

a electricity circuit

Strømpriser sammenligning is therefore a very useful exercise even if you decide not to switch supplier because at least then you know what is out there in the market place. It gives you extra choices. You would think that choosing which utility provider you should use would be the easiest of all the utilities to fix, however this is definitely not the case. This is due to the mind boggling amount of different tariffs offered, even from the same suppliers. The government is trying to make it easier by forcing the big suppliers to make it easier to compare the tariffs of different suppliers. Already in place is the need for bills to provide annual usage figures, this means that it is easier to compare what your annual bill would be if you switched to a different supplier no matter what the particular tariff was. The next step is to get the gas & electricity suppliers to reduce the number of tariffs available.

In general the easiest way to choose which utility supplier is the best is to pick at least 2 comparison sites & input your annual usage figures, this should tell you which supplier is the cheapest for your particular circumstances. It is usually best to use one supplier for both gas & electricity as you will receive a dual fuel discount. However be aware that comparison sites only get paid if you switch to one of their recommended suppliers & they do not carry all of the suppliers. There are some independent suppliers not featured on comparison sites that may have better deals.